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Our Artists



Tattooist Urban usually makes artworks with geometric ornaments with neat lines or transparent watercolor pieces as if they’ve soaked the water. Urban puts various meanings and values on each line and object of the artwork beyond mere painting. Please embrace the artwork with Urban’s ideas in your canvas.

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Tattooist 242 usually works on linework artworks with emotional and abstract lines. 242’s flowing lines and the artwork made by those lines generate a special and mysterious mood in themselves. Please explore the meanings inside the artwork with unique line drawings by 242.

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Tattooist Doran usually works on doodle artworks with colorful and lovely moods. Doran’s artworks have every lovely thing in the world and possess bright and positive energy in themselves. Please complete a day with a lovely and pleasant mood through the artwork by Doran.

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Tattooist Wana usually works on abstract color artworks based on free lines as if there are no limits. Wana's various colors, textures, and gentle expressions immerse everyone in the drawing in a short time. Please add a dreamlike mood to your canvas through Wana's abstract and characteristic artwork.

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Tattooist Haesi usually works on color artworks with blue tones and free curves. Haesi makes unique and mystical artworks by putting the emotions felt, stories experienced, and Haesi’s own characteristics in each pattern. Engrave your time on your skin through the blue artwork by Haesi with momentary emotion and eternality.

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Tattooist Hane usually works on black artworks containing Hane's unique ideas and experiences. Hane's drawings express even ordinary objects through totally different perspectives and stories. Please open a special day through the artwork by Hane that interprets every ordinary thing through a unique perspective.

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Tattooist Ichi usually works on humorous and unique artworks with the school’s mood containing the meanings and values. The unique and impressive artworks have the stories created by Ichi. Please become a protagonist in the artwork by Ichi, which is incomparable to others.

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Tattooist Kaya usually works on linework artworks with delicate and neat lines. Kaya's unique drawing style expresses all the elements through lines without missing any details. How about naturally expressing your taste of the day through artwork by Kaya with its characteristic soft mood?

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Tattooist Momo usually works on artworks with various moods through the natural changes in the thickness of lines. Momo's artworks are attractive because they are symbolic and make a point, even if they are not luxurious. Please add refreshing energy to the boring daily life through Momo's bold and characteristic artwork.

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Tattooist Rorang usually works on black ornament style, emphasizing the details of every line and element. The differences in the thickness and length of the line in the same black line complete the mystical mood of Rorang's artworks. Please express your neat and modern taste through Rorang's artwork based on simple and refined lines.

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