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1st Collection : Identity

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What are temporary tattoos or tattoo stickers?

Temporary tattoos are just that: temporary. They're meant to be applied to the skin rather than absorbed beneath it. Our temporary tattoos are applied to the surface of the skin, although some temporary tattoos do seep into the skin.

Where to buy temporary tattoos?

You can buy temporary tattoos from freakynine. Freaky Nine's temporary tattoo is based on a tattoo design directly designed by a famous Korean tattoo artists. Explore creative and unique designs and long-lasting temporary tattoos.

How to apply temporary tattoos and tattoo stickers?

Step 1. Wipe the area of adherence with the enclosed alcohol swab.

Step 2. Cut out the design you want with scissors.

Step 3. Remove the tattoo film from the white protective paper and place it on the desired area.

Step 4. Press onto the sticker for about 10-20 seconds.

Step 5. Lift the edge to check that the sticker has adhered to the area and slowly remove it.

The white outline of the sticker right after adhering disappears with a wet wipe or, naturally, with time.

How long do temporary tattoos last?

It depends on the area of adherence and whether there is friction, but it usually lasts more than 2 days and more than 5 days if there is minimal friction.

How to remove temporary tattoos from skin?

This product is water resistant and does not erase easily when wet. If you would like to remove the sticker, soak it with warm water for a while and erase using an oil-based cleanser.

What are the best tattoos for dark skin color?

There are no specific tattoos for darker skin color. Color tattoos are commonly said to be ineffective on darker skin, yet this couldn't be further from reality.

The color of the ink that is injected into your skin will be diluted by the color of your skin. If you put color in there, depending on your complexion, it might not maintain that color.

This means that darker skin tones are more likely to have subdued colors than lighter skin tones.That isn't to say that dark skin can't reveal color; it merely means that lighter hues (such as yellow) aren't always visible. Reds, dark blues, and dark greens are the greatest tattoo colors for darker skin tones.

It's about understanding what colors will complement your skin tone rather than attempting to brighten it up with more color. Freaky Nine has extensive variety of colors and designs, so you any temporary tattoos or that fit you the best.

Are temporary tattoos Safe?

We'd say FreakyNine temporary tattoos and tattoo stickers are really safe. In over past years, we have never had experienced to claim that one of our tattoos caused irritation or any other negative response.

We believe that all of Freaky Nine’s customer have to safely experience our temporary tattoos and tattoo stickers.

When you get a design from Freaky Nine, you can be certain that we have done all possible to provide the greatest possible level of temporary tattoo and tattoo stickers safety.

Are Freakynine products safe temporary tattoos that anyone can apply?

Anyone of any ages and any skin colors are welcome to apply Freakynine’s temporary tattoos and tattoo stickers. They are exremely safe for anyone. We have tested and verified the safety of the tattoos.

In case if you experiecne any irrtation, redness, or inflmmation after applying temporary tattoos and/or tattoo stickers, we recommend that you remove your temporary tattoos or tattoo stickers immediately. Howeve, Freaky Nine reaffirms that in more than a decade, no one has ever contacted us to say that one of our temporary tattoos has caused them harm to the manufacturer of ours.

If you're still not sure, we recommend doing a dummy run with one of our smaller designs. Apply it to a very safe location, such as your arm, and check for any negative side effects.

Then you may apply the Freaky Nine’s temporary tattoos and tattoos stickers you actually want to wear with complete trust in our high standards of temporary tattoo safety.

How to make a temporary tattoo last longer?

After your new tattoo sticker is dry, apply a small amount of lotion. This will prevent the design from being ruined quickly and extend the lifespan of your temporary tattoo.

Also, some fake tattoos may appear white powdery or dusty after they are applied. You can see that it disappears by wiping it lightly with a tissue moistened with a small amount of water. This can also keep your tattoos from getting dirty. Also, although Freaky Nine's temporary tattoos are waterproof, it is better to avoid intentionally strong stimulation. Handle the tattooed area as carefully as possible.

How to make a temporary tattoo look real?

You may see some stickiness, shine and white streaks right after you just apply the tattoo sticker. In this case, it is easy to find out that it is a fake tattoo.

But try this! After attaching the tattoo sticker, wipe it lightly with a wet naps and the white marks will disappear quickly. In addition, if you want your tattoo sticker to look more real, you can press it down with baby powder or loose powder to make it look even more real.

How temporary tattoos are made?

Our fake tattoos are designed by famous Korean tattooists who are contracted exclusively to freakynine. We are trying to make lots of temporary tattoo designs that can take into account the personalities and tastes of as many different races as possible.

Actually, in South Korea, many people are tattooing with the design of Freaky Nine’s tattoo stickes. Browse our shopping mall and give it a try. You will definitely like it :)

Do temporary tattoos fade away?

Temporary tattoos are literally ‘temporary’, so they fade over time and then peel off the skin. Freakynine's tattoos are long-lasting and waterproof, so if you attach our temporary tattoos, you can experience fake tattoos for at least 2 to 5 days. If you would like to remove the tattoo sticker, soak it with warm water for a while and erase using an oil-based cleanser.

What does a ribbon tattoo mean?

There are many different types of ribbons tattoos, and each person has a different meaning, so this is a meaningful temporary tattoo design. Depending on the shape of the ribbon tattoo, it can be cute, sexy, or simple.

The ribbon tattoo is the most preferred temporary tattoo style by women, and it goes well with the back of the neck, ankles, wrists, and collarbones.

For freakynine products, we recommend ‘(Wana) tie up’ and ‘(Wana) soak in red’.

What does a rose tattoo mean?

The flower tattoo is not too heavy or excessive, and it is a temporary tattoo design that is consistently popular because it is an attractive design that expresses softness and beauty.

Rose tattoos are the most popular among flowers. The main theme of the rose is ‘love’. Roses have different meanings depending on their color. Red means passion and love, yellow means friendship, pink means innocence, respect, gratitude, and white means innocence, and a fresh start.

For freakynine products, we recommend ‘(Hane) Shadow of the rose’ and ‘(Doran) Soft Tulip & Möbius’ Rose & Sparkly Tulip’.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

The meaning of a butterfly tattoo is a symbol of change, and it can be seen as an expression of a new life, as it changes from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Also, butterfly tattoos are often used by couples in Korea because they symbolize the love. Butterfly tattoos are popular among women because their designs are very beautiful and colorful compared to other designs, so they are a good design to give a feminine appearance.

For freakynine’s products, we recommend ‘(Haesi) Silence’, (Haesi) Spring and Summer’s Butterfly’, ‘(Doran) Sparkly Butterflies’, and ‘(Urban) Butterfly Swimming in Space’.

What does a lotus tattoo mean?

The lotus tattoo symbolizes nobility, longevity, abundance, good luck and vitality. Also, in Buddhism, the lotus flower takes root in the mud and lives, but the leaves and petals have the characteristics of maintaining cleanliness and integrity, so it is considered a symbol of purity, the universe, paradise, vitality, and immortality.

For freakynine products, we recommend ‘(Momo) Lotus’ and ‘(Hane) Lotus’.

What does a fish tattoo mean?

A fish tattoo means that the fish will swim forward by swimming. Carp, the most popular fish, has the meaning of increasing wealth and power, having many offspring and doing well in business.

For freakynine’s products, we recommend ‘(Kaya) Gold fish' and '(Momo)Swim'.

What does a star tattoo mean?

A Star tattoo means love and longing, dreams and hopes. It symbolizes dreams, ideals, and success to achieve, so it is also a tattoo that many celebrities and sports stars do. Or, it is more popular because it is a good tattoo to give fashionable points rather than giving a big meaning to a star tattoo. It's a tattoo design that goes well with your wrist.

There is ‘(Urban) Direction of the star’ in freakynine’s product.

What does a tiger tattoo mean?

A tiger tattoo is an animal that protects against evil spirits in the East. It symbolizes authority and honor, and bravery. There is a myth that tattooing a tiger will give you wealth, power, etc.

For freakynine's products, we recommend tattooist Ichi’s product, who depicts a traditional Korean tiger painting.

What is ornamental tattoo meaning?

Ornamental tattoo is a genre that can include tattoos that are often decorated with geometry, mandalas, and delicate flower stalks as a large category.

Ornamental tattoos use a lot of decorative materials, mainly elements related to space, such as constellations, planets, alchemy, amulet patterns, mandala patterns, and Renaissance or Baroque floral decorations. Therefore, it is strong in the detailed and emotional linework genre.

For freakynine’s products, we recommend ‘Past the Universe’, ‘Through Many Hardships’, ‘Butterfly Swimming in Space’, and ‘Time of the Universe’ by tattooist ‘Urban’.

What is a fine line tattoo?

Fine line tattoo is a high-level style, also called One Line, and it is a tattoo style that requires the most time and effort by using a thin and precise line with a single needle.

It is a tattoo that feels like drawing on the skin with a ballpoint pen, with a delicate and sophisticated expression mainly using thin lines. Since detailed expression is possible with fine lines, the burden on tattoos can be less than that of other tattoo genres, and the aesthetic effect is great.

For freakynine's products, we would like to recommend all the products of tattooist 'Urban'.


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